Darrens Legnum
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Darrens Legnum

Instagram: Darren_Fitmentjunkies


Here is Darren’s old Mitsubishi Legnum, one of the owners of Fitment Junkies. He brought it complete standard and turned it into this show stopper before breaking it to fund his next project. Custom touches from the evo front bumper to the side opening bonnet this was a truly unique estate. If you ever went to a show with this there you would know it was there. If it wasn’t for the crowd of people round it, it was because of the stupid loud yet crystal clear sound system it had in it. Being static and as low as it was darren had to master the art of changing wheel bearing…. every 500 miles! Now all parts have either been sold, scrapped or saved for his new project which i can promise you will be just as epic as this!

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