Lee’s Peugeot 306
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Lee’s Peugeot 306

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Here you have Lee’s Peugeot 306 HDi, or as he calls it Sooty. This started out as a slightly modified car, lowered, chequered roof, wheels and engine mods but in a real bad way. First thing Lee did was rip out the brakes and suspension, replace with brand new uprated parts, getting a one off smoothed carbon bonnet and repainting the bumpers. Looking much better it wasn’t enough. After rolling around for a few months like this he decided to re do it all from the ground up with a few trick mods. The main thing was to get the car smoothed enough to look different and stand out but with keeping the lines the 306 had to offer. The original plan was to change the colour to Renault liquid yellow but after the bodyshop said it looks so good in black they came up with a little twist. Pirates black at the rear which had a purple tint to it and to blend it into panther black at the front of the car which has a green tint to it. One of the major and most noticeable modifications to it was the removal of the rear lights and replacing of individual L.E.D lights. ” I remember going down to the bodyshop to check on the progress on it. The car was in primer and it had no rear bumper on it and all I could think was what have I done! I hated what i did to the rear end of it but it was to late to turn back. Lucky once it was all painted up and put together I no it was the right move to do. I fell in love with it!” Lee kept it like this for a couple of years before changing it up again. This time round the rear got wider and build round the new 16x9J Oz Futura’s which he had the centres done in red. A new colour of millennium jade from the old Nissans and going all out with the red interior by LG Trimming. Keep a eye out as he is in the middle of doing his engine bay with a few other modifications.

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