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Martins Skyline

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The skyline was bought completely standard and started off with some simple mods like coilovers and wheels. Then moved on to the body work with an east bear 2 kit consisting of front lip, side skits with extensions and rear bumper with extensions along with a smoothed front bumper removing the indicators and numberplate recess. A BGW and a smoothed boot removing the 3rd brake light and boot lock to tidy up the rear. It was then lowered some more, wheels spaced out and some camber added. It stayed like that for a while then the decision was made to fit rocket bunny arches and some really wide wheels. As rocket bunny arches are not made for the car, nissan s13 arches were used as a base and extensively modified to make them fit and look good. While doing the arches air suspension was added for a number of reasons not just to make it sit low. The wheels that were chosen are work equips 05 in 10j et-20 front and 12j et -20 rear but 20mm spacers were required as the wheels were not wide enough for the arches. Once the arches were painted the minion air tank was created after Darren joked that the tank was “cute” and Clive set to work on making the clothing. Custom trimmed corbeau rrs seats in black leather, yellow stitch and grey alcentra tied together with a black leather yellow stitch deep dish amp steering wheel. All the work on the car apart from the paint was carried out by Martin himself and always has plans for the future.


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